Tuesday, December 27, 2005

'Nun Bun'

I wish I would find a food item with the image of a religious person on it. From the BBC:
Christmas thief steals 'Nun Bun'

The famous bun has been preserved with shellac.
A cinnamon bun that bears a striking likeness to late Catholic nun Mother Teresa was stolen from a US coffeehouse on Christmas Day.
The owner arrived to find that the famous flaky pastry had vanished from the shop in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Bongo Java coffee shop sold T-shirts, prayer cards and mugs with the bun's image until Mother Teresa wrote a letter asking the sales be stopped, before her death in 1997.

A. Who would buy those things?
B. Poor Mother Teresa's last wish had to be to stop the commercialization of her image on a bun. Something is very sad about that.

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