Friday, December 30, 2005

smelly people in libraries

BBC news stories again:
A rule that will allow public libraries in the US city of Dallas to ban people who are considered to smell badly has drawn criticism by charity groups.
Under the guidelines, which come into force in February, sleeping, eating, loud talking, fighting, bare feet, sex and washing will also be banned.
Since when have these been OK in libraries?

I love this kid.
An American 16-year-old has secretly travelled to Iraq on his own as part of his school project.

Farris Hassan from Fort Lauderdale was studying a high school class in "immersion journalism".
This is what they call taking things to heart.

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  1. People don't have common sense. Sometimes we ought to treat them like animals.

    And I heard about that kid also. He's got some guts or plain stupid. I really like his passion for what he loves. I wish I could do something like that.