Friday, December 2, 2005

Thanksgiving Vacation

So we had a great time at the beach, like I said before. Somehow it is just strange to see people sitting on the beach in lawn chairs, with giant blankets on. That was us too. One day the temperature got up to the low 70's. I got to go swimming in the hotel pool and sit in the hot tub which was quite fun. We went for walks along the beach. We picked up lots of seashells, and stole a few. Actually my dad saw a big bag of seashells underneath the pier in the rafters so we decided to take it and hope no little kid would come back looking for it.

We stayed on the 12th floor of a hotel overlooking the water so I attempted to rise early enough to watch the sunrise but that didn't happen. I actually got my own room and my parents got their own, the two being separated by a little kitchen area. I watched some movies, read my book, and did do a little art work. We ate at a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner that did include turkey, but I preferred the ribs. Black Friday we went shopping of course at the outlets. They we sooooo packed, people swarming everywhere. And we checked out those beach stores that have huge discounts during the off season. We drove all around Myrtle Beach, and just had a lovely care-free vacation.

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