Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Giant Paint Cans and Strippers

LOL, I found this article on the web- I live near this giant paint can, but I particularly like the part about the protesters versus the strippers.
Giant paint can
Off Interstate 81 , there's a big refinery-style tank painted to look like a can of latex housepaint.

Impossible to get a picture, so be prepared with a telephoto out the car window.

From a hypertour in 1996, we have this interesting note: "At the exit across from the can, there was a hand-painted sign: 'PORNO PROTEST THIS EXIT.' On the east side of I-81 is a new strip joint. While protestors picketed in day-glo orange vests out front, tattooed beauties sunbathed out back, facing the can. There's nowhere to park without being arrested or set upon by the protestors!"

...An interesting dilemma, just to take a picture of a giant paint can.

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