Thursday, October 9, 2008


When my parents cam to visit me two weeks ago, I took them to the National Zoo. Yay. I love the zoo. The day was a little rainy, but I'm still really happy they came down to see me. We saw the elephants, sea-lions, tigers, black bears, gorillas, and gross reptilian things.

The gorillas were the most amusing. Two were in the middle of a fight when stopped by their cage. They actually did the whole, beat on my chest, I am alpha male thing. It was crazy to see. Everyone was chattering and clapping when they did that. But it was a little too much violence for my tastes. Walking away from that display really made me think about agression and natural tendencies. Is it really ok to push your brother off of a branch? And then for human children to clap about it? This was some sort surreal experience for me, and it made me feel uncomfortable.

After the zoo, I took my parents to Dupont Circle where we had dinner at little Italian place. Yay for visitors!

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  1. Sounds like fun :) I really liked your thought about the gorillas & children clapping at the pushing. Also, thanks for the comment :)