Friday, October 17, 2008

King's Dominion Halloween Haunt

Sorry my posts are so sporadic as of late. I hardly have time to breathe on some days, so blogging sometimes falls right off my list. I know you are saying, "Wait, Jenn, blogging is next to breathing." And yes. I hear you. Maybe I just don't have my priorities right...

Anyway though. Last weekend I went with a group of friends to King's Dominion in Virginia. We thought it was perhaps a little closer than it really was. Or maybe it just seemed farther away since we hit Friday DC traffic. The rollercoasters were worth the trip though. Oh man. The volcano. The dominator. Plus others. For some of our friends, this was their first time at an amusement park, first time on a rollercoaster. Good stuff. Welcome to American culture, now hold on before you get dropped 150 feet to the ground.

Also, the park was doing a Halloween Haunt which include scary people in scary costumes jumping out at us and chasing us around in circles. They also set up a bunch of haunted houses around the park. Ahhhh.

My throat hurt so bad by the end of the night from screaming so much. I'm not sure whether it was the haunted houses or the rollercoasters...

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