Sunday, October 19, 2008

Design the World a Coke

Oh so cool. Design the World a Coke.

Look at the Coca-Cola bottle I designed (For some reason it won't face the right way in the still shot. Click on the link to watch it rotate in all directions and at all angles, because it's in 3D! So fancy, I know). Seriously, you have to check out my beautiful Coke bottle. It's pretty awesome.

Now make your own; but be warned, this site is highly addictive. I thought I would spend 10 minutes playing around with the design tools and ended up burning 2 hours getting the color of splattered paint just right.

You can't say you haven't been warned; but really, this is just too cool. Even more exciting than the M&M website that lets you make crazy photographs. Wait. I'm noticing a trend. I think I'm a sucker for these sort of interactive marketing things. And now I'm advertising for them on my blog... I have in no way been paid to tell you how cool Coke is.

Don't drink Coke; just design their bottles. Good, now I don't feel like I have broken any moral codes.

1 comment:

  1. Ok, that is offically THE coolest coke bottle ever. I want one. :)