Saturday, October 4, 2008

First Day of Fall

The first day of fall was September 22nd, and I completely missed it.

How sad. There were no grand celebrations. No groans about how summer has passed us by. No fall festivities to welcome the new season.

The day came and went with no recognition.

How remiss of me. Well, apple cider, falling leaves, pumpkins, and crisp autumn air: hear my apology and know you will appreciated in due time.


  1. when you and nicole come to frederick, we will go to a state park and go for a hike to enjoy all of the glorious fall-ness!

  2. Hey! So you knew Mariposa meant butterfly? That's cool :)

    About comparing ants to humans, I would say humans are infinitely more valuable than ants. I mean, it's okay with me if my Dad sets out ant traps (the ants are actually crawling on the kitchen counter - not good!). I guess I just like to write about stuff people don't usually think about - how easy it is to kill an ant, yet it can't come back. Like a human, but different. I was just trying to show how incredible life can be. Thanks so much for the comment :)

  3. Glorious fall-ness??? Oh sounds delightful.

    And about the ants, Mariposa, sorry, I didn't mean to be mean or anything, and I think your post was wonderful. And very true. Life is fleeting. Good observations.

  4. Hello. My name's Iris. i also missed fall somehow. I didn't notice it was fall until like 4 days after it started. :(

    *feel free to take a look at my blog*