Friday, May 25, 2007

no work no work

I don't feel like reading, because my eyes are burning. We have an annotated bibliography due tomorrow. How will I ever get 6 sources done now? NOoooooo. Emily's torso is dancing. She is scaring me.

Emily says: "maybe if jenn stopped blogging, she would have time to finish her annotated bibliography...the work of the devil..."

Jenn says: "shut up and stop dancing!"

My project is going to be on Pico dellas Mirandola, the great rhetorician of the Renaissance. Emily wants you to know that hers is about sex in the Renaissance. She is enjoying doing research for it. Ha ha.


  1. Emily C.May 25, 2007

    needless to say, i did stop dancing after the two large mug fulls of tea i had wore off....but it was fun while it lasted.

  2. AnonymousMay 26, 2007

    Hi, Jenn, this is Gary! I just wanted to let you know that this is the first I have been to your site in maybe a year! Thus, I don't know what you have been up to, other than taking about 10 minutes to read through a couple of your blogs. I see you are heading overseas, again! Have a great time! Did you wave and say something from the backseat of your parents' white car as you drove past while I was near my car a couple weeks back? If not, then I don't know who that was! Did you attend the opening nights of "Spidey 3" and "Pirates 3" as I would expect of you? I think Barney and I are seeing "Spidey" on Labor Day. We both drive a ways to meet in the middle, which is to say, a very big and nice theater in Gettysburg. We have done that a couple of times. Well, I wish you continued success as you finish this semester! -Gary

  3. AnonymousJune 03, 2007

    Hi, Jenn, this is Gary, again! Barney, a female friend of his from his one job, and I saw "Spidey 3" on the Memorial Day holiday. We went to the Imax theater in Harrisburg, which is the Whitaker Center. Then she and I each got an imprint of a Velociraptor on our individual pennies in one of those machines that flattens the pennies. The following Friday, Barney and I saw the comedian, Gallagher, at the Capitol Theater and we each got autographs from him at the end of his show. Well, I hope you enter a new blog soon and see my 2 comments here! It looks like it's been awhile since you have been to this site! See ya!!! -Gary

  4. Gary!! it's been so long... so good to hear from you. tell me more what's up in your life.

    i haven't seen spidey as of yet( i know it's been out for so long now. i guess i'll wait till dvd), and yes, I did go see pirates. i was soooooooo disappointed. it was about as good as that story I heard one time about girls in the forest...

    so who is this "female friend" that you speak of?? do you th ink they give you the same pennies that you actually put in the machine? i've always thought those were a scam? hmmm. well, hope you are doing well. leave me a comment if you ever come back to visit.