Monday, May 7, 2007

Lilac Love

purple lilacsMy pappy sent over some lilac branches to sit on our kitchen table. Let me tell you, they smell soooooooo good. Any time I get within a 10 foot radius of the table my nostrils sigh in nostril heaven. The smell of the fresh lilacs is absolutely my favorite smell in the whole world, and besides that, could they be a better color? Awwww, look how pretty they are. Too bad blogs can't transmit smells. I will take an extra whiff just for you.


  1. mmmmm...i like lillacs too! my grandma gives them too me. Although, i disagree with your use of the "nostril heaven"...sounds creepy

  2. no it doesn't, the nostrils are in nostril heaven, not me in heaven because of the nostrils. geez, that's only mildly... creepy.