Friday, September 22, 2006

Survivor Cook Islands: The Race Issue

survivor1 survivor2
There continues to be buzz about how the new teams on Survivor are divided by race. I think the idea is catchy and interesting. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that the survivors don't seem to like the arrangement. And even better, the one team is very upset with the one idiot in their tribe that makes racist jokes about them. I hate that too. Just because someone belongs to the race they are making racial slurs jeff probstagainst, doesn't make it ok. You are only perpetuating that foolishness and really making yourself look like a moron. Another thing that ticks me off is reverse racism. Pride in your heritage is one thing, but being paranoid to the point where you begin to discriminate against others is outrageous. If a white person was caught saying the things that some minorities say, we'd get politically massacred. I'm all for equal rights of all races, not reparation for past ignorance, not for seperation, not for affirmative action, but a merit/intrinsical value based society.

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