Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Sherman doggie torcal
We had Labor Day picnic at Cowan's Gap yesterday. Tara brought her dog. Shermie is such a big stupid puppy. I want a dog! I dog sat for Becky who has a little Pomeranian several weeks ago and now I have an irresistible urge to get a puppy. I want one like I befriended in El Torcal (Spain) as you can see in the picture. (He's not as scraggely as he appears)Torcal dogIf you know what kind of dog this is, PLEASE tell me. Its hair is somewhat like dred locks and it flops when it runs, besides the fact it can't see when it runs. That dog was so stupid that they were throwing these giant rocks between each other so the dog would want to play fetch. Then when he ran to try to pick it up he couldn't because it was so heavy. Awww


  1. What happened to you being scared of dogs?

  2. Oh yes, I still am. I am deathly afraid of Wally and somewhat of your dog, although not THAT scared. See the common thread between the dogs that I am NOT afraid of is that they are stupid. Stupid dogs I think are cute and cuddly and don't take chunks out of my butt with their vicious bite.