Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pizza Counter Guy: Pending Lawsuit

pizzaWhile I stayed in Dallas with my sister and her husband we ordered pizza twice. Both times it was from Papa Johns, this little place that you either get your pizza delivered or go in and pick it up. The first time while we were eating I looked at the box and laughed.

The little sticker with the price on it said "orange shirt guy" Ha ha. That's the what the pizza boy wrote (on the box that he gives to the actual customer) to remember who ordered which pizza. That was funny ha ha. Tony must have been wearing an orange shirt.

The second time we got pizza there I went with Tony to pick it up. Only it wasn't ready on time so we had to wait. Since it was raining outside, we just stood in the little building.

*20 minutes later
We are at home eating some yummy pizza and lo and behold I remembered to look at the little sticker to see what funny little line it would be this time. It read "couple" Just one word. One single word, "couple."

What? Tony and I were not acting like a couple! That guy is going to have a lawsuit. He can't just write whatever he wants on those boxes that are actually going to be sitting on the table when you take it home. Here his wife (my sister) is sitting there thinking what on earth? Why does the pizza box say my sister and my husband are a couple? That is upsetting.

I suppose we should be glad the stupid pizza boy didn't write something like socks with sandals guy and ugly girl; I suppose that would have been worse... but come on. You can't write stuff about customers that later they are going to find plastered to their pizza box.

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