Thursday, September 28, 2006

I knew those doves were evil.

dovesHOLY CRAP!!!
(sorry this is going to be a break in the iPod week entries)
Anyway, my family has been really worried lately that my sister has lung cancer, or something very severe as such. Today we all breathed a sigh of relief that she doesn't.

Guess what she really has? Of all things? I just find it so ironic, even funny, but yet not at all. She has hypersensitivity pneumonitis or "pigeon breeder disease." Now here's the thing. My brother-in-law loves his doves that they have in a cage in their house. All summer I joked about how I was going to break their little necks (because the coo-ed all the time). And here they were making my sister develop some kind of awful slow impossible-to-diagnose disease. Tony feels sooo bad because you know, these were his babies for 2 and a half years; he gave them showers and let them fly around, but if she was exposed to them much longer she could have died. That would weigh heavily on one's conscience even though he couldn't have known. I feel bad for him. And her, but luckily the negative effects are reversible so that is an answer to prayer. I just can't get over how ironic it is that she has this rare allergy to, of all things, those stupid doves that lived in her house.

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