Tuesday, October 25, 2005

South Dakota

Hey, finally back, and into the swing of things. Our Honors Service Learning presentation at the conference in Rapid City went very well, I believe everyone would agree. I know we all had a blast, and have lots of stories to tell.

We rented a car and drove out to Mt. Rushmore, but yes, as emily and I are fated, it was too foggy to see. We have lots of pictures of us smiling and pretending it is there, but really all it is a giant abyss. We don't even believe the formation exists. We theorize it is all a big hype, the statue is really about 3 feet tall and people just photoshop themselves into pictures to show their families.

For emphasis I have shown the real photo, plus the photo that I doctored for you to look at. I must say, I am good. Wouldn't you think that was a REAL photo? Pat on the back for Jenn.

I'll blog more about our trip later.

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  1. yes, jenn, we are fated to see nothing but gray, ill-brought fog everytime we go to see any national monument or landmark...it is a skill that is a "fate worse than death." Heh. But, other than that, you did do a very good job in photoshopping us in. And the trip was really, really nice. I wish we could go back!!