Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More About Our Trip

Going through security on the way to SD, stupid Jenn tried to smuggle an exacto knife onto the plane. I actually completely forgot it was in the box with all my art supplies, and the lady pulled me over to the side and asked if I had anthing sharp inside my bag. I was sure they were going to kick me out or arrest me. My picture is probably now on the threat to America, terrorist watch list.

That is a pic of the little plane that transported us from Denver to Rapid City. The ederly woman who sat between Emily and myself commented on what a young professor we had, so that boosted Dr. Fiorini self-esteem quite a bit. The crazy rental car guy also asked "where that other boy had gotten to," once again making Dr. Fiorini feel like he was 21 again.

The other pic was the product of a request by Tyler, to get the aisle of the plane, but the flight attendent, giving his speil at the front, saw Emily pointing the camera at him, so he naturally thought we were taking a picture of him. (Which could have been, he was hot) The next time he came back to where we were sitting he asked if he should pose next time. Ha, ha, ha. That was great. Before we got off the plane then, he gave us those little pilot wings because we were "entertaining," and we had obviously just made his day.

More tommorrow, small doses are best.

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  1. Ahhhh...what a nice trip!! I want to take another one. Yeah Jenn, they didn't find your shaver b/c it was hidden next to the exacto knife....not exactly a machette, but pretty close. Ok, in my defense, the flight attendant guy was some what hot and apparently I do not think before I do things, such as looking to see what or who I am taking a picture of before actually pressing the picture button. I laughed so hard and I believe my whole head was red b/c I could feel the heat radiating off of it. Good times, good times. So much fun when we're around, right jenn? SO much excitement. I think Dr. Fiorini liked the trip, even if Tyler didn't.