Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pumpkin Carving

Tonight we had a pumpkin carving party to carve jack-o-lanterns. Yay, fun. Emily and I went shopping beforehand and I had a little shoe buying miscommunication. Usually people don't buy 3 pairs of shoes in one night, 2 being exactly the same...

Then we carved pumpkins. Martha Stewart told us to cut holes in both sides of the pumpkin so the candle is a lot easier to set in. It worked!
Can you guess whose pumpkin is whose?
Mine is the friendly pumpkin, and Emily's is the santanic, evil one. Go figure. It took me half the time to carve my pumpkin as it took Emily to do hers, and hers looks like it want to kill you whilest you sleep. It wants to be the master of your soul!
Tami worked on separating the goop from the seeds, which we toasted and ate later. Yum. Katie came too, and chatted a bit. Overall, a good pumpkin carving night!


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