Tuesday, February 22, 2005


My voice sounds like a frog. My throat feels like there is something giant lodged in the back of my espophogus, rubbing it raw. My nose is stuffy and that mixed with a sore throat makes it hard to breathe. I sound like an 80 year old woman snoring in her sleep or a smoker with a wheasing problem. Being sick is misarable. All I could think of during my classes was, I wonder if I look like a ghost. Whoooo, I bet my face is pale. What if a just collapsed right here? Everyone would think I just died of boredom. I wanted to skip class, but I just can't. Something inside my brain says you slacker, you can't skip class, you are a goody-two-shoe. No skipping class for you. What if you missed something important? What if the professor would hold a grudge against you? What if, what if. If only I weren't sick.

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