Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Hello children. Sorry for the hiatus. I meant well in updating, but well I got distracted. Please forgive me. I will be good. I will update much more often. So I have a paper to write tonight. It is 1:03 in the morning and I have not started yet. Boy tomorrow is going to be infused with coffee pickmeups. So I have to do a feminist critique on "To his coy mistress" by Marvell. Why did I sign up for this one? I didn't know it was a poem on the first day of class. Poems are so subjective. Somehow certain people think they all- absolutely all- have to do with sex. Can't a person write a poem, just to write a poem, without the hints of sexual repression or whatever? I think its a load of crap most of the time. Plus in history we read this thing about fairytales not being so innocent. Do you realize how gruesome most of them started out being? Little red-riding hood ate her gradmothers flesh and the wolf really ate her in the end. Sick isn't it? Well now that I have ruined your childhood memories, sleep well.

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