Friday, February 18, 2005


So, I gave the presentation on the poem that I wrote about earlier and I totally choked. Usually I am a pretty good public speaker, but today I don't know what happened. I was prepared, yet when I got up in front of the class I was nervous, I did the whole shakey voice thing, lose your place doo dah. Ohhh, mortifying. I actually like giving speeches. I don't get nervous. What is wrong with me? You know that feeling after you do poorly on something that you know you shouldn't have, and so you just feel like an idiot? Well that was how I felt today. Luckily I supppose I have plenty of time to realign my ducks. Whew.


So tonight, I'm having some pals over to watch Signs because they keep on refering to it, and I listen in my oblivious stupor. It had better be as good as the rumors. We shall see.

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