Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Frozen Yogurt Yumminess

I never thought I'd say it, but I'm in love with frozen yogurt stores (yes, even more so than ice cream shops). They are more delicious and less bad for you.

Ever since a friend recommended I go to Pink Berry in California, I've become addicted. Despite the pricey-ness, I went twice in one week, because I thought it was a Hollywood-only type of thing.

But to my delight, it seems like frozen yogurt stores are taking off everywhere across America. No Pink Berry in DC yet, but was walking through Tyson's Corner the other day and saw a ton of fruit and yogurt shops. In College Park, Maryland we have a great one called,Yogiberry. Apparently, frozen yogurt is the new trend and I didn't notice until now.

The typical frozen yogurt boutique is fun, brightly lit, modern, and defined by sleek logos. I have a theory they are going to be the next coffee shops. Cool cats who once went to Starbucks with their MacBook and skinny jeans will now meander over to the frozen yogurt shop down the street to pay designer prices for designer yogurt. Soon enough one brand will overtake the rest and become the dominant frozen yogurt chain. Any predictions? TCBY hasn't rounded up all the market shares in the biz yet.

With my personal fascination, I am especially fond of the colorful fresh fruit you can pile on to make your yogurt extra scrumptious, like mango or pineapple. And then they have healthy options like granola or almonds to sprinkle on top of those. The list of toppings at these places can be pretty impressive from zany breakfast cereals to decadent cheesecake bites. The choices of yogurt can be extensive as well, my favorite being taro at Yogiberry.

The pressing question, I suppose, is whether or not frozen yogurt is as sinful as ice cream. The answer seems to be almost yes, but no! The main differences between frozen yogurt and ice cream are the probiotic cultures, lower fat, sugar, and improved digestibility of frozen yogurt. The caloric savings aren't great, but I know I certainly feel a lot less guilty after eating a light yogurt snack than heavy ice cream dessert.

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