Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flu and Fever Stay Away

Oh my. Swine flu. Dengue fever. I have subscribed to El Pais, the national newspaper of Uruguay on my GoogleReader. Everyday there are more stories about dengue fever and the swine flu spreading. I feel a bit paranoid about them. There haven't been any confirmed cases of either in Uruguay as of yet, but one suspected case of the swine flu and a few cases of dengue in Argentina. Dengue is trasmited through mosquito bites. I have looked up the symptoms several times, and it is also called "bonebreak" fever for the severe joint pain it causes. Fortunately I don't have anything like this, and the chances of getting dengue outside of the tropics is low. As for swine flu? Do we know anything about it yet? other than there is a world-wide scare about it going around? Scary.


  1. Don't worry about Dengue fever too much. That is what I work with at work. Be careful about mosquitos, though, because they are the vectors. You won't die (rarely fatal) but the symptoms do suck. Healthy young adults are fine. Don't worry about it because 1. there's no vaccine...that's what I'm working on now at work and 2. if you get it, not much you can do except ride it out. If you do get it, be glad it's not Ebola! Heck, the antibodies may even protect you from other worse hemorrhagic diseases.

  2. Ahhhh, so you are working with dengue. I thought you told me that awhile ago, but then I forgot just which nasty virus you were playing around with. I fully expect you to discover the vaccine. I suppose I feel a little better?? knowing that it's not fatal. I'm glad I have my own infectious disease expert to assuage my fears. Thank you. Are there any buzzes going around at USAMRID over the swine flu "pandemic"?