Sunday, November 4, 2007


Nicole took me on the strangest scavenger hunt ever at one of her friends' house. We dressed up in Halloween costumes and took to the streets of Chambersburg. Nicole was a convincing Shakira and I went as a cowgirl. Some of the items we had to find or bring back included: a Red lobster bib, a black gum ball, a grave stone rubbing, a fortune cookie, a manager's business card with their signature, a red straw, a McDonald's monopoly piece, and many others.

Some of the tasks we had to complete were to pump a stranger's gas, wrap a stranger in toilet paper as a mummy, lay on a bed a Kohls, carry someone's groceries to their car, ride on the horse at Kmart, find someone with more than 4 kids, have a stranger sing "I'm a little teapot," and get a picture of your team with a flaming dessert (our happened to be ice cream).

It was quite interesting Halloween fun. Not only were we asking for ridiculous stuff, we were also dressed up. People thought we were crazy for sure.

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