Thursday, November 29, 2007

Meandering Thanksgiving

Seagull on the beachWe had intended to go to Wildwood, NJ for Thanksgiving but when we got there, we quickly found that it is abandoned during the winter. There are no hotels, no entertainment, and no people. It is a deserted town.

So what did we do instead? We drove further up the coast to Atlantic City. It was actually a lot fun. It was not the Thanksgiving we were expecting, but perhaps better.

The seagull in that photo is from the one day we spent in Brigatine on the beach too. It was really nice that day--perfect weather.

My Italian SaladThis Thanksgiving wins as the most unusual meal ever. We had a leftover salad and bread from an Italian Restaurant the night before, travel snacks, and coffee from Wawa's. While you may be feeling sorry for me at this point of your reading, don't be. That salad was perhaps the best one I've ever eaten in my entire life and I didn't want to throw it away, just because the next day was Thanksgiving. We were still thankful. And, we ate turkey at the Hilton on Saturday night anyway.


  1. oooooohh..that salad looks real good!

  2. it twas.

    mmmmm. -tasted like italy.