Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Proof of McDonald's World Domination

Ok, so in my terribly boring class, Conservation of Natural Resources, (ahem for Tami if you should read this) I had my amusement for the day. We are doing population studies and have to use this particular website to download information.

Big MacNationMaster lists tons of data about countries. Really more info than you could ever want to know. One statistic jumped out to me. THE BIG MAC INDEX. Can you imagine? Among important, legitimate, valid information there rests stats about the price of a Big Mac across the world? I am telling you, McDonald's owns the world. They are corporate geniuses.

Of course I'm extraordinarily intrigued.
A Big Mac costs (from the most expensive to the least):
$6.67 in Iceland
$3.15 in the US
$.68 in Qatar

Qatar for hamburgers anyone?

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  1. Boy, do you ever hold a grudge! It wasn't my fault i couldn't get in the class.