Thursday, September 6, 2007

Melina from Guatemala

I am sooooo excited! Last week, I was cleaning my room Melinaand decided count the change that I had put in a little yellow piggy bank. I happened to find about $100 worth of change floating around in my room. That got me thinking. I'm not really using that money, and I have always wanted to sponsor a child in another country. So I did some research online about different organizations and finally settled on one. I am sponsoring a girl from Guatemala named Melina with the Christian Children's Fund. I just got her information in the mail.

I have always thought about how I am so blessed to live in America where we have so many resources and opportunities to better our lives. Many times I have said, Piggy BankI'm just a student; I don't have any money. While that is still true, I still have more change sitting around, than this little girl's family will earn in a year. I have always said, oh, I'll sponsor a child when I have a stable income and can be certain to be able to pay the monthly rate, but the truth is, with an attitude like that, I was being selfish and I would probably never get around to doing my part to alleviate global poverty and suffering. No matter how much I need the money I have, there are always other's who will need it more. I feel like I have at least started to do something. I hope God blesses this little girl and her family.

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  1. Very, very good of you, Jenn! It is particularly unusual of someone to take this step while still quite young and getting her career established. That is really a great leap you've taken! Kudos!!!