Friday, August 17, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

Sabra JohnsonMy favorite summer tv program is by far So You Think You Can Dance, and last night was the finale. Sabra won. I voted for her, and last year I voted for Benji, who won then too. I am eeriely good. Or maybe my votes count for more? heh.

My favorite dance of the season though was Hok and Jaimie's flower and hummingbird number. It was so beautiful and I will never forget it. Another favorite was Neil and Sabra's table negotiating dance and the cool group matrix doodad.

Also, I find a lot of music I like from the show. All my new downloads are from SYTYCD including two of my new favorites: One Republic and Joshua Radin.


  1. goodness gracious, ring the alarm! jenn bly just posted! i know...i loved SYTYCD as well. there were some awesome dances. i liked the negotiating one too with sabra and neil. i also like the tango one where sabra formed a ring and slide down his body. the one that i really really wanted to see again was the maniquin one and the one where it was neil and sabra again and he was the devil and she was an angel.

  2. ha ha. oh, i like the maniquin one too. i forgot about that. I don't think sabra was in that one where neil was the devil. I think that was lauren. anyway, i didn't know you were a fan.