Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hershey Park Happy

hershey park Yay! I got to go Hershey Park on Monday with a few friends from Mirable Inventu. It was so fun, even though it rained. Donna (who I am extraordinarily envious of for being a contestant on the Price is Right with the legendary Mr. Bob Barker) got us free tickets and Hannah let us stay at her house. The photos I stole from Emily's facebook album.

Hershey RideI haven't been to Hershey in such a long time. They changed the Chocolate World ride around, but they still give out free candy at the end! My three favorite roller coasters are the Great Bear, The Storm Runner, and The Lightning Racer. Hershey Park is such a great place, it's a shame they exported the factory out of PA and now employ impoverished workers in Mexico to make their chocolate for them.

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