Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Amish Story

Ok, so I have a funny story to share, but you will probably only appreciate it if you are from Pennsylvania.

I went to the bank today, in fact, the drive thru part of the bank. I was sitting, waiting for the teller to deposit money, when perhaps the funniest thing ever happened. I turn to my right and see an Amish man walking up to the drive through banking service. He had his lovely beard, black hat, suspenders and black pants on. He takes the cannister out of the tube, takes out a pen, leans on machine, writes his banking down, opens up the chute, and sends the thing into the building. I heard the sucking noise as it made its way inside.
Amish BuggyI had the urge to stare. I wanted to gawk at the Amish man who chose to walk through the drive through window at the bank. It was funny that someone decided to take the drive thru by foot, it was even more funny that this person was Amish. It totally made my day.

Why didn't he just walk 10 more feet to go inside the bank? This is the perfect example of two worlds crashing, modern bank telling, and the shunners of technology. I actually wish I had a picture of it; it would have been beautiful in the most artistic of ways. In lack of a photo for this blog, I stole the one here from here. Life is full of unexpected events; and they make life the most interesting.


  1. you should have given him a *beep beep* and waved

  2. But, Jenn, early on with my nice new car I would walk up to the ATM, rather than risk putting it through a tight squeeze. Is there anything funny about that? Keep in mind, I may not have had a full beard, but, quite possibly, I was in need of a shave more than a few times!

    Your pal,

  3. ha. no you didn't. I so would have laughed at you!