Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fair Fun

Tractor PullHow many weeks ago now? The fair was in Shippensburg. (Photos courtesy of Emily Walker). Yes, we went to the tractor pull, sheepish grin. No worries though, Tami and Tami's Kevin explain what on earth was going on again. We also went to the fair queen contest, and as usual, the girl I said would win did. This year was the 50th anniversary of the fair. My family and I went to see The Platters and later in the week a horse show. emily walker and meBoth times we were in our little lawn chairs watching whatever and all of the sudden the rain soaked us. We must be die-hard oldies and horse show fans. We aren't like those fair-weather attendees around us. What more do we need in life than a flimsy umbrella and funnel cake?


  1. oooooooo...look at all of the smoke! jenn said she wants to get rid of the tractor pull because of all of the smoke!!

  2. i know. Geesh. It's horrible.