Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thoughts About Personal Change...and Blogging

giraffe I was browsing my old Yahoo account because I noticed that my info said that I was still 14 years old and in changing that, I stumbled upon my old website that I had created in seventh grade. It is soooo funny. The graphics are just horrible and my design skills combined with the html that I taught myself is indeed comical. I viewed the guestbook and someone wrote a mean comment about how awful it is, but hey, I can't disagree. I can't even log back in to Angelfire to even delete the site because I don't remember my password and my old email account is obselete.

giraffegirl's land logoI think the most interesting part is how much I have changed in the past 8 years. I wonder if people just change that dramatically over their teenage years or if it is constant metamorphasis? Will I look back on this blog in 8 years and say, man I was an idiot? Probably, yes for three specific reasons.
A. Hopefully I'll be smarter
B. My views will probably change or at least shift as I experience and learn more
C. My different life stage will give me a different outlook on life.

giraffePerhaps we don't even change at all, maybe we just shift our perspectives of ourselves and that is why we appear so different. Actually it is kind of nice to have a documentation of your state of being at every stage in your life. (a perk of journaling, ha ha) But, then there is the whole issue that it continues to represent you to the whole world even 10 years after you write it since it is in a public forum, even if that doesn't accurately convey the skills, attitudes, interests, and values that you have at the current moment.

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