Friday, December 8, 2006

Moroccan Shoes

Moroccan shoes Today you can see the very cute shoes that I bought in Morocco. I had wanted other ones, but since our tour guide wouldn't let us just stop in whatever shop we wanted, and I had tons of dirhams left, I just bought these cuties before getting on the ferry to go back to Spain. Only I had to keep on going back to the guy at the store like 3 times because he kept on giving me a pair of shoes that weren't matched. I would take the next pair with me, and then think, oh gee, I should try these on, and then I realized the one shoe is 3 sizes bigger or the wrong design and would be like, shoot, and back to too-friendly guy again. Shoes from MorrocoI like the smell of these, they definitely have that leathery smell going on, but the strange thing is that they are not made for the right or left foot. The are uni-foot (as I shall call it), they fit either the R or L. I like the color of these, they match khaki very well.

Isn't shoe week fun?

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