Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Knitting is from Satan

Knit ScarfSo over vacation I was trying to knit a scarf. I found this great bright pink yarn with tassly things and I thought, oh boy, I'll have a pretty handmade scarf to wear in no time. Well, I was wrong.

A. Knitting takes FOREVER I probably already logged 12 hours into my rectangle that still is only 5 inches long

B. Knitting needles slip. I finished a row and bam, the needle slipped out and when I tried to put the loops back on it was impossible. Once they come off they are impossible to put back on. I know have 6 GIANT holes in my scarf because of this.

knittingC. The yarn for one scarf is about the same price of buying 2 fully made scarves online, without out all the slave labor

D. I hate it and it isn't worth it.

I am going to finish my crappy scarf and then never again. Knitting is the most mind numbing task I have ever done.


  1. haha..i have never tried knitting but i made a pouch before and it turned out alright

  2. i thought i knitted for you... and when did you start to knit... man i was out of the loop in that... i'll show you how to knit faster...