Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I found this website where you can chat with people trying learn English and Spanish, so you help people with your language and vice versa. I had a bit of a funny conversation with one guy; this is how it went (the names have been changed to protect their idenity)
Chico: como es tu nombre?
Chico: jajaj
-Jenn-: me nombre es Jenn
Chico: Jenn... supongo...
Jenn: ja ja
Chico: Mi nombre es Jenn...
Chico: ok?
Jenn: realidad?
Chico: no...
Chico: es que escribiste mal... tu respuesta debio ser: "MI NOMBRE ES JENN"
Jenn: Fui confundido
Jenn: si, que es tu nombre?
Chico: Jose...

Basically I thought he was saying that his name was Jenn too and I got excited, but really he was just correcting my Spanish. Whoops.

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