Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Can we stop clapping yet?

Ailey IITonight we went to see Ailey II Dance Troupe perform. They did interpretive dance to classical, jazz, and African music. Their dances were so beautiful, very nice formations, and a great performance.

Sadly though, the one guy's fly was open for about 3 songs. I felt so bad for him. He got a few extra cheers from the audience when he bowed too, everyone knew why the girls were screaming, but I suppose he'll go home later, watch the tape, and be mortified.

At the end of the show the audience was clapping like all good audiences should until they did an encore. But then the lights would go off and we would think it was over but then the lights came back on. This happened about 15 times. We clapped till our hands were raw. I think the lighting guys were playing some sick psychological game, "how long will it take till the audience realizes we are going to make them clap all night and finally just stop" Not that the performance wasn't excellent, but the clapping was amusing...

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