Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha

We went to see Memoirs of Geisha today in Hagerstown. That is the only theater near us that is showing it. I think it should be more widespread, because it was so good. They did a nice job keeping the essense of the book. The book was definitely better since it went into so much more detail, but for a movie I thought it was great.
The beautiful kimonos, Japanese landscapes, and culture of the orient is quite fascinating. I liked how the book/movie talked about how the geisha were considered artists and were highly respected in their society. Unlike prostitutes, they would sing, play music, and dance for which the men would pay them. Unfortunately this usually meant they would do whatever then to keep their customers happy. While I want to say being a geisha would have been respectable and noble, it conflicts with some core beliefs of mine. When women are defined purely as objects of sexuality, I can not endorse that thought.

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