Thursday, January 5, 2006

A bad memory

I was just thinking about the time I went into a grocery store in Texas with my grandparents and sister on a mission to find fast actin' Tinactin foot spray to cure a case of stinky sneakers. It comes in an aerosol container so I go over to section near the front of the store where the aisles are shoulder height. I pick up a can, hold it into the air, and yell to my sister across the store, "THIS IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!" It wasn't until she came over to see what I had picked up until I realized I had just excitedly held up a can that read, not foot deodorant, but rather "Jock Itch Spray." Needless to say at that point, my face turned bright red and I wanted to disappear into the floor. Lesson? Always read the label before inadvertently announcing to the world that you've found jock itch spray.

Also I found the hilarious StinkyFeet Diaries: An 'interesting' quest for athlete's foot.

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