Thursday, February 3, 2011


Before I had a GPS I didn't know what I was missing. Now that I've experienced the freedom and security of having one, I would never want to go back. I tended to get lost a lot pre-GPS.

What did people do in the days before GPS? I suppose I did mapquest before this Christmas, but whole lot of good a set of printed-out directions did me if there was construction or I made a wrong turn while on the road. But even before internet-based trip planners, what did people use to get from point A to point B?

Ugh, Paper maps. The horror! They were barbaric now that I think about it. Forget trying to navigate somewhere alone. If you wanted to look at the map you had to have a buddy in the passenger's seat do it or pull over. Plus you had better packed your magnifying glass, because it's going to take 15 minutes to find the name of the intersection you're located at in that tiny tiny print. Plus, in many areas, paper maps could get out of date very quickly. Not mention, it couldn't tell you where the nearest gas station is or show you the exit number for the road you need to take. My GPS even alerts me if I'm going over the speed limit on the road I am on, but I had to turn that beeping off because it became overwhelming, heh heh.

I find the GPS services fascinating.
The Global Positioning System is a constellation of over 24 U.S. Government satellites providing PNT [positioning, navigation, and timing] services to civilian and military users on a continuous, worldwide basis -- free of direct user charges. The system provides highly accurate location and time information to anyone equipped with a GPS receiver.
I just wonder for how much longer the services will be free?


  1. AAA used to have a "map making service" my family used. You would call them with your trip plans and they would mail you the maps you would need and highlight the directions on the map, as well as provide a booklet on things to do on the way there. When my family took car trips, I remember always using AAA on our roads trip. I think they were call Trip Tixs....Ezra

  2. I knew you could get maps there, but never that they planned out your whole trip for you. So AAA was the do-it-for-you-navigating of the past. Plus stuff to do on the way! Awesome. License plate game?