Sunday, October 22, 2006

Photos Crazy

bridge fall puffies

I was driving home for classes on Friday and I was blew away by the beauty of the sky. I said. Hmmmmm, I should get my camera. So I went home, changed into a sweatshirt, grabbed my camera and decided to go for a drive. I stopped at this little place off a less busier road than my own and started walking toward this little abandoned shack and wooden buildings that said photograph of year all over them. But then I saw the sign: No Tresspassing. Darn. I got back in my car and scoped out a new place to take photos, somewhere where no one would come after me with a hunting dog and rifle.

green things

My question is what on earth are these things? They were everywhere. I was fascinated by them. I photographed about 40 pictures of them. I love their texture, and color, and shape. I loved them so much and the curiosity was so great that took one, put it on a stone and then I jumped on it. They are much tougher than you may think. I wanted to see what was on the inside. A bunch of sticky stuff came out and green stringying things. These are definitely my new fascination.