Friday, October 20, 2006

Fall Photos

spider web pink rose and window

Cool spider web outside my house; taken last week, before the freezing temperatures sent him scrawling, or at best dying.

And then the one sad lonely pink rose in our second rate garden, if it can even be called that (as in a place where plants live).


  1. Gahhhhhh...stupid spider. I hope you smushed him with...something.

    I can't believe the actor who plays George on Grey's is gay!

  2. WHAT???!! He's gay? He seems the gay type, but he really is gay? How do you know?

    And the spider made a cool web, so we left him alone. He was our entertainment, the way he spun up bugs and let them rot for a couple days. And the artistry in his web. I mean, it was pretty elaborate. Everytime I walked from my car to the house or vice versa I snatched a glance at the giant spider's activities.