Monday, March 7, 2011

Sock It to Me

The other day as I was changing my socks in the gym locker room, I noticed little purple threads in the toe. Immediately I thought, awwww, I love my mom.

There is nothing worse than putting on your favorite pair of socks only to find them all stretched out because a sock thief has worn your socks only days before you. When I was still living at home with 5 people in the house, my mom used to sew a few strands of different color threads in each of our socks. Each person had their own assigned color. That way when they all went together in the laundry baskets, we wouldn't have to fight over the pile of clean socks. Purple went to me, pink to my middle sister, blue to oldest sister, black to my dad, etc. This ridiculously easy, yet ingenious system, was very effective. My mom is so smart.

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