Friday, January 28, 2011

Always Snowing

Seems like all it does around here these days is snow. Snow, snow, snow. At least it's beautiful on the bare trees of winter.

I had to shovel my car yesterday because in addition to the regular snow fall, the plow trucks made a lovely barrier between my car and the road. Hence the sore arms today.

Some of my co-workers though ended up getting stuck in 6-7 hours of traffic on Wednesday night because cars were getting stuck on the road or slipping all over the place. Some of them even slept at the office. I'm really glad I wasn't scheduled to work that day! But the next morning there were still abandoned cars on the middle of the highways. There would be a car with a small mountain of snow around them and cars are zooming down the road at 70+ miles per hour. I want to know where the owners went? Did they walk home off of the beltway?


  1. I know how you feel. They really do not plow my road much, they just throw down some salt and call it done. When we had a couple of inches, they did actually take a plow truck down the road and closed in my car too. Luckly, I had been staying on stop of shoveling the snow so I did not have to shovel that much snow from the road.

    I have been shoveling so much snow lately though, that I feel the pain in my arms too. My back is really sore as well. I would not trade it though. I have met a lot of my neighbors but being outside, cleaning of the sidewalk and my car. I really enjoy helping them out with their shoveling. I feel very comfortable living where I live, now that I know some of my neighbors!

  2. That's so nice of you. You're such a good neighbor! Want to come live by me? I'm glad you're starting to like your area and you have some good neighbors. Now you can ask them for a cup of sugar if you run out, and say, hey, remember how I shoveled your driveway??