Thursday, July 29, 2010


I started this blog excited to write posts quite frequently, but unfortunately have not lived up to that already, after only one post. I have an excuse though. A good one.

I have been powerless the past few days quite literally. A thunderstorm on Sunday knocked out power for a lot of the DMV, but in typical Maryland style, it won the race for taking the longest to restore power. I have been going to the university to hop on the wireless internet network at night, charging my cellphone at work, using a flashlight to get in the door, sweating at night in the humidity, and taking freezing cold showers in the morning. It's about time you restore the power Pepco! I have learned the worst part about a life without electricity is the lack of cold food and internet access. These two things are essential, and you don't appreciate them until you don't have them.

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