Monday, May 11, 2009

White Herons

Salto is a wonderful place to be. It is beautiful.

I have a resolution to run (read jog) at least 3-4 times a week and thus far I've been pretty good about doing so. It makes me feel better to get some exercise, suck in some fresh air, and enjoy the stunning Uruguayan scenery.

Usually, there are large flocks of white herons that congregate by the river. They are beautiful birds to watch because they are so graceful and provide a stark contrast to their surroundings.

I am thankful for those beautiful white herons. I thankful for the beautiful river. I am thankful to be in Uruguay. I am thankful for my family and friends who love me. I thankful for so many things. And I recognize that it never hurts to remind myself of the things I am thankful for when I am going through difficult times.


  1. It looks like a really gorgeous land to live. I am very glad you have this opportunity to explore it. I miss you!

  2. AnonymousMay 12, 2009

    Jennifer, a question... does the Fulbright money cover transportation costs around town? I know they give you enough to rent a room and buy food but is there enough to get around town on a daily basis too?

  3. Yes, Fulbright gives us a stipend in US dollars and then we can use it for whatever we need to. Of course if we were living extravagantly the money would run out pretty quickly, but living similar to the typical Uruguayan gives us enough for rent, food, and other incidental costs.

    Living in Salto is nice because the rent is not very expensive so there is enough money to save a little bit for when we will be living in Montevideo where rent and the cost of living (transportation & food for example) is much more expensive--probably equivalent to cities in the US.