Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trip to Uruguay's Capital

I just got back from a trip to Montevideo to apply for a visa to Brazil.

Next month we have a regional seminar in Sao Paulo, but we have to have visas to enter the country. The fee for American citizens seems to be much higher than residents of other countries. Booo. What's up with that? Wouldn't countries want to encourage tourism from the US, and thus not charge more than $160 plus the hassle of getting the visa? I suppose the visa either does not discourage much US travel to Brazil, or they make enough off the visas to make up for the lost revenue otherwise.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed being in Montevideo. It made me excited for when I will move to there in almost a month now. It will quite a change to move from a city with a population of 100,000 to one with a population of 1.3 million. I imagine leaving Salto will be bittersweet experience. I have to make the most of every day that I have left in this little place.


  1. Hey, I hope you enjoy your trip to Brazil. Sao Paulo is a very interesting city, and if you have the opportunity go visit Rio de Janeiro.

    If there's something you want to know about Brazil before you travel, feel free to ask me. This blog is really helping me and inspiring me (I want a fulbright internship to study in the USA) and it would be a pleasure to help you too. :D

    Best regards

  2. Thanks Elomar. I am very excited about visiting Brazil!!

    Any other recommendations to see in addition to Rio de Janeiro?
    What would you say is the best way to travel within Brazil (at a relatively low cost)? Oh, and is there something in particular that I have to see/try while in Brazil? Some type of food, drink, entertainment, etc?

    Wishing you look with you goals to study in the USA!

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