Monday, February 16, 2009

New York, New York

This weekend I took a completely random last-minute trip to New York City. Yay for spontaneity.

NYC is arguably the best city in the world. It is living color. Words in action. All glitz and glam.

Apparently it is more affordable to take a bus from DC than it is to take one from central PA. What's with that? DC is 2 hours further away yet costs less than half the price from Harrisburg or Kutztown? Strange.

Even though I ♥ NYC, I still ♥ DC. They are both lovely, just in completely different ways. Points to NYC for the arts and culture. Artists and adventurers flock to the city to make their mark upon the world. Points to DC for the metro and cleanliness. The subway systems don't even compare. New York's subway is to DC's metro as a garbage heap is to a grassy hill.

The thing about living on the East Coast is that we can visit nearby cities so easily. I love it. NYC itself will always hold a special place in my heart though. There is nothing quite like the Big Apple (even if they do have sketchy sketchy subway system).


  1. how much were the bus tickets? from what station to what station?

  2. I think they were around $40 from Chinatown in DC to Penn Station in NYC. Go to