Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

It's that time of year again. The day that shoppers have been waiting for since last year's day-after-Thanksgiving. The day that true bargain hunters strap on their running shoes to brave the freezing temperatures, bustling crowd, and early-set alarm clocks. It's going to be mayhem in the stores today. Everyone and their uncle has gotta hit the sales.

My mom grabbed us a newspaper yesterday so we could look through the ads inside. It appears that most stores are opening at 4 AM this year. Seriously? I always considered ourselves a serious shoppers, but not THAT serious. We'll be sleeping in at least until the sun comes up. Geez.

I have always secretly wanted to go to a store on Black Friday where crazy shopper-people are stealing merchandise from each other's cart, pushing and shoving to grab the new hottest toy, and weeping in ecstasy over the biggest deals they found. Not that I want to BE one of those people, I just want to witness it. American consumerism at its finest.


  1. you know, I bet we would make a great shopping team. We would be ruthless. Dangerous. Unmerciful. All would cower behind us. And then we would fight over who spent the longest time in our respective stores.

  2. Hahaha. Sooooo true.

    And P.S. It would be (and was) YOU in Harrods in London. If you spent any longer I probably would've needed a tent and sleeping bag to camp out in the store.

  3. ha. yeah right. we spent wayyyy longer in H& feet were getting so tired and hurting from waiting for you