Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Addendum

I feel it necessary to comment on my original Black Friday post. I thought the Black Friday consumeristic phenomenon was funny up until today when I heard the two terrible news death stories from yesterday's shopping frenzy.

Walmart employee stampeded to death during Black Friday shopping mayhem. The NYT describes:
Suddenly, witnesses and the police said, the doors shattered, and the shrieking mob surged through in a blind rush for holiday bargains. One worker, Jdimytai Damour, 34, was thrown back onto the black linoleum tiles and trampled in the stampede that streamed over and around him.

Two die in Toys R US shooting. The AP reports:
Two men pulled guns and shot each other to death in a crowded toy store Friday after the women with them erupted into a bloody brawl, witnesses said.

What is wrong with people? Are we really this greedy in America? People in other nations fight for food and peace and political representation. We fight for Furbies, Tickle-Me Elmos, Webkinz, and Guitar Hero. Disgusting.

Pointless Banter captures the sentiment just right: from blood diamonds to Walmart toys, If nobody died in the procurement of my gift I don’t want it

Nothing like a little bloodshed to make our 'valuables' more valuable.


  1. Black Friday sales have become exponentially worse over the years and it's only going to continue that path. I honestly wasn't surprised to hear of the tragedy. I was half expecting it. Not that I am happy it happened, but as you said it seems so ridiculous that people become that excited/enraged over possessions. I do my shopping a few months in advance if I can. I figure the savings I get are a piece of mind when I don't have to become a member of the Consumer Mob that America has become.

  2. Wow, months early; that's very impressive!