Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Primaries in PA today

Hillary and ObamaToday is the long anticipated Pennsylvania primaries. As ours are closed, Republicans can only vote in Republican primaries and Democrats can only vote in Democrat primaries. That stinks. I am Hillary supporter. Yes, there I said it. I am a self-professed conservative-minded individual and I like a Clinton. Slug me if you will.

I'm routing for Hillary today and I hope she takes my home state.
“It’s not enough to say, ‘Yes we can,’ ” Mrs. Clinton said, seizing on the motto of her rival’s campaign. “We have to say how we can.”
Thank you. Enough said.


  1. ....yeah, but does she even say how we can change?

  2. Mind if I ask why you like her?

  3. well, not her health insurance plan... heh.

    But let me put things this way. We all know that a republican has no chance of winning the next election after the way things have turned out the past 4 years. That said, we know a democrat will be elected. Obama should not be the next president, because he has no policies; he is a glorified people-pleaser to the 100th degree.

    Therefore, we are left with Hillary. And, the things I do like include her stance on Iraq, energy independence, and education reform. Basically, my support (sadly enough) stems from choosing the least of three evils.