Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My What a Pretty Tree

Did you have a happy Earth Day yesterday?

The Weeping Cherry Tree in my front yard is gorgeous. Warmer weather, flowering plants (especially pink trees), and rainy afternoons are perhaps my favorite part of spring.

My least favorite parts of spring are the new emergence of spiders, bugs, and thousand leggers. They start to "spring" up and I despise them. They must die. I have a closet arsenal of Raid. Bah ha ha, little buggies.


  1. ahhhhh...kill those stupid ants! i hate spiders! kill all bugs! ahhhhhhhh!

  2. it is funny that you want all the bugs to die. a little story of mine: it was very warm in my apartment the other day so i opened all the windows, even the bathroom window. i went to bed that night forgetting to shut all the windows that did not have screens in them. i hopped in the shower like i do every morning. i was washing my hair and looked up and there was a spider crawling across the ceiling. that is what i get for leaving the windows open all night. after my shower i killed him and his little friend (another spider) who was hiding in the corner. oh well.

  3. Yes, bugs must die...only I never like to be the one to kill them.

    Ewwww. That's why you shouldn't keep your windows open all night.

    I think I would have screamed. Did you scream?